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Angelic Space

0414 475 799

Angelic Guidance Healing Meditation

Missing stillness and mind & body connection? Alex will give messages from the Angelic Beings.

I have been guiding Meditation for 15 years now and know it has immensely helped me through all areas of my life. Making time to detach from the noisy & fast paced world outside of us and connecting to the silence & peace that we have within, is who we really are.
Healing occurs when you are ready to trust yourself to let go & surrender to your light within.

This powerful tool has the ability to create peace, love & happiness in your life. Being aware is setting the intention to be in the present moment & creating your life with ease, simplicity & clarity as you raise your vibrations to lead a life of fullfillment, meaning & balance for the mind, body & spirit.

I will be guiding you all to tune into your breath & become one with your gift as I take you to your journey within & connecting to your authentic self with LOVE.

You deserve to be happy and in love with life.

With Love & Light xx

Personal or Groups available. Experience the art of silence, connecting with your highest self and be surrounded by love, peace & pure bliss. Separating from ego / thoughts & transforming into freedom.